A word from my customers.

Mike M - Morro Bay Marina

SWIFTY is a SeaRay 340 Express Cruiser. She has twin 350 Crusaders.
Stephen took it on to replace the Sherwood raw water pumps and belts.
He built gaskets for the Perkins strainers.  He replaced the trim tab hydraulic pump and reset the rudder stuffing box seals.  I’m happy to say Swifty’s bilge is dry. He performed her annual maintenance, etc...... My Crusaders are humming sweet.  Stephen has taken personal interest and done many little things to keep Swifty sea worthy.
I’ve recommended Stephen to other boat owners with no regrets. They are happy.  Good marine mechanics with knowledge are hard to come by.  Stephen showed up on time and completed what he said he would do and more He is a blessing to have the gift and he enjoys boats.
I do recommend Stephen.
Captain Mike
Morro Bay

Kathryn E - Morro Bay Marina

I have a 3 cylinder, salt water cooled Yanmar that had not been ran in years.

Stephen went through the engine meticulously changing all filters, lines, and needed parts. His knowledge and experience was evident as he identified and fixed various problems in the process. Going beyond expectations, he took the manifold home to soak and descale before reinstalling. He spotted an engine mount that was not tight… removed it, took the rust off and found new hardware to reinstall. My engine is now running perfectly. I highly recommend Stephen for his expertise and years of experience and for his professionalism in showing up when agreed and completing the job right.

Randy N - Santa Maria

Anyone looking to get some work done on their boat and need help should contact Steve at SB Mobile Marine services. I was having problem aligning my new engine after replacing  the stringers in my boat, I gave Steve a call and explained my problem, he came down took a look at it, says he thinks he knows where I went wrong and that it was fairly easy to fix, gave me an estimate and agreed to come back tomorrow to do the work. While  he was working on the outdrive, I told him I had purchased a new water pump kit so he replaced it and suggested we service the outdrive as well. Steve is very professional, prompt, reliable, and very thorough. 

While working on my boat Steve also pointed out a few things that I had not noticed that needed to be addressed,  and suggested the order to be completed by importance. 

A few days later I was continuing to hook up shift cables and noticed I could not put the outdrive in gear. I called Steve and explained what was going on and he said he  would come down tomorrow and take a look at it. After Steve looked at it, he said the outdrive would have to come back out and reset. Steve pulled the outdrive and reopened it, did his thing, reinstalled it, and hooked up the cables and all. When I asked how  much I owe him, He told me that there was no charge as it was something that he had done.

I think it’s great to see someone who stands behind there work. When Steve says you can trust him, I believe absolutely that you can put all your faith in any work what  he performs on your vessel. 

I have been a mechanic for 50 years, I recently injured my back and have a very difficult time working on my boat, it is very hard for me to trust someone/anyone who I believe  will do the same quality of work that I would do. After having Steve work on my boat, I do believe I can trust him completely and I no longer need to sit and watch everything that he’s doing.

Danny C - Arroyo Grande

Hired Steve at SB Mobile Marine to diagnose and rebuild my Yamaha 4 cylinder 2 stroke. The work is top quality the service was as fast as the parts arrived and the price was way better than other marine mechanics(cant ask for much more) Steve had the tools and experience to diagnose quickly and get started immediately.
Highly recommend calling him first before you waste money on the large shops..

Dino T - Nipomo

Stephen Bardell is a competant, versatile, mechanic. Steve has a proven record of high quality work and saved me a great deal of money compared to typical shop rates. You’ll be very satisfied at the quality, attention to detail, and price of his work.

Stephen Bardell is a competent, versatile, mechanic. Steve has a proven record of high quality work and saved me a great deal of money compared to typical shop rates. You’ll be very satisfied at the quality, attention to detail, and price of his work.
g. All perform excellent.
1998 Larson, pull engine and rebuild, check out drive, re-install and align.
Serviced and repaired various problems, rebuild carb etc. 1995 Kawasaki mule.
Serviced and repaired 2005 club car 4x4 diesel.
Serviced and repaired 3430 Kubota tractor
Also Toyota Tundra, Toyota 4x4, Ford F-150 various trailers and small engines

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