Quality Marine Technician Labor

Whether you're just in need of an oil change or require a major service like a repower or rebuild I have you covered. I charge hourly, and work hard to earn it. never a moment wasted, I'm organized and experienced and the next step is always prepared.

Buying or Selling a boat?

I've got you covered either way. Make sure you're not buying or selling a lemon. Let me go through front to back to ensure you're getting what you need. 

If you're buying this will ensure you know EVERYTHING you need to know about your new boat.

If you're selling, lets get every penny out of your boat by making sure its tip top and looks great. Buyers are enticed by a clean, organized boat they feel confident will become their greatest addition. Plus you can provide a copy of a full diagnostic sheet from a trusted marine technician.

Full Diagnostics and Estimates

I will perform a complete front to back assessment of your boat and provide you with a print out starting at $150. This will cover the condition of your electrical system, fuel system, compression, motor, drive and running condition of your motor. Also includes the trailer, hull and anything installed on the boat included. Price is for a single engine vessel, and goes up from there.