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About Me

I've been offering a mobile full service shop in California for 8 winters. Working from Santa Maria to San Simeon, on any boat or watercraft that needs a skilled hand..

I have spent my summers working the interior of Alaska, for my friend and only Mercury dealer in the interior, Reeds Marine in Fairbanks.

Being away from my girls for the entire summer to work in Alaska grew too difficult, so I'm staying in California for good. I'm advertising and taking on a full work load all year round.

I look forward to the new contacts this will bring in, and great projects I will get to work on.

Special Rates for OFF-SEASON (Jan-Apr)

During fishing season when I'm usually extremely busy I won't be able to offer this, however here we are in the off season. 10% reduced labor rate.

A Bit of Background

For anyone interested in how I got to this point, I wasn't born a Marine Technician just FYI.

I grew up fishing the beautiful waters of Massachusetts north shore. Fishing was always my passion, but lets face it I'm not good enough to go pro, so I had to think about getting a real job. I was very involved in the early days of the internet, programming and all things computer related.. I went to College and received my CNS from ITT Tech right out of high school and studied at Northeastern University in Boston at Night, and took some Classes at UMASS, all while working for a Unix Server Reseller in the Hewlett Packard server business. I became very well connected in the IT community and worked myself in to insanity chasing money. At a young age I realized sitting behind a desk wasn't doing anything for the outdoorsman in me. I left my desk job to pursue my love of being on the water. 

I had always maintained and fixed all of my boats, all of my friends and family members boats, and took the opportunity when the light went. I love being on and around boats, regardless of what it is.

I took my Automotive and Boat knowledge and started offering my services to a broader audience.

I moved out to the west coast and tried settling in here, but found my way up to colder waters. Fulfilling my dream of catching a King Salmon in the beautiful waters of Alaska, I took a job at Reeds Marine. I found myself with a 6 month stay through the summer. I worked 3 summers for Reed, then tried my own service so I could work on inboards, outboards and all manufacturers not just Mercury.

only 3 things matter in this business..

Honesty, Integrity and hard work.